Lust sensual formula
Sexual pleasure oil


Pleasure oil infused with Marijuana Resin, to increase arousal and enhance sexual response.

LUST is a cannabis-infused intimate oil designed to enhance arousal and sexual pleasure. This product can greatly increase orgasmic potential and sexual response.
This product is most effective when applied to the clitoris, labia and vagina. However, it can also be absorbed by the head and shaft of the penis, or can be applied anally.
The oil is best applied about 15-20 minutes before sex. It needs to be fully absorbed for the effect to take hold. For an even stronger effect, apply a second dose after 15 minutes.
TO USE: A recommended dose is 8 drops (0.4ml). With the 2ml size, turn it over and rub it against your fingertips, then apply that oil to your genitals. With the 10ml size you can apply drops to your fingers, or directly to the desired areas.
This product is oil-based and is not suitable for use with latex condoms.


Ingredients: Organic clarified Hemp Oil, Pure Cannabis Resin.