Free Samples

We're so confident that our products speak for themselves, that we're willing to let you try them for free!

We have 8ml samples of our creams and we will have some samples of the salves when they are ready in early January.

We're happy to send you up to three free samples of your choice. (You just need to cover the $12 cost of shipping.)

We have free 8ml samples of these products available:

MJ Cream - PURE (Plain)

MJ Cream - CALM (Lavender & Chamomile)

MJ Cream - PAIN (Arnica & Juniper)

MJ Cream - HEAT (Cinnamon & Ginger)

MJ Cream - SKIN (Comfrey & Calendula)


You can order your three free samples on their own, or in conjunction with ordering other products. To get your free samples, just follow this link.